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Reviews for Sumida Gardens Apartments

Posted On: 9/1/2015

Sumida Gardens

Sumida gqrdens I have been here for over 3 years and has no problem . It's very convenient it's 5 Minutes to work and good school for my daughter . The apartment has its own washer and dryer hook ups . Plenty of parking spaces . Close to everything , shopping center , university and theaters . It's safe neighborhood and friendly neighbors . The management is quick to fix any problems . I understand that rents in Santa barbara is very expensive but being a single mom I'm still hoping to find an affordable apartment that is decent and safe like Sumida apartment . Or maybe Ivey lucky to win rent free for life . Thank you !
By: Julie M.     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 8/21/2015

Sumida Gardens

Just wanted to update my review to add that we got back nearly our entire security deposit. We left the carpet in our unit pretty dirty at move out and the amount that was deducted was very reasonable. I still loved my experience at Sumida Gardens! See my original review for a *ton* of details about living here.
By: Matt M.   
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Posted On: 4/3/2015

Sumida Gardens

Sumida Gardens was our first home in the United States. It is a beautiful complex with a fantastic pool and play area for the children. The lawns are immaculately manicured and is generally a lovely place to be in. We were lucky to have great people as neighbours. Some were super friendly. The rental office staff does their job well. Maintenance issues were tackled quickly. Maintenance staff were efficient. Anna - i think she was the assistant manager, was friendly and courteous. Always with a smile and a wish. On the contrary Lynn ( not sure of the spelling) was always grumpy and if i ever had any questions, had the ability to make me feel as if she was doing a huge favour by nodding her head. There were times when she wouldn't even be bothered looking up. She also somehow lost of bank cheque, so our deposit came in much much later than expected. Overall, i will definitely recommend living here as the facilities, the apartment itself and indeed beautiful. It sure is expensive, however, what isn't in Santa Barbara!
By: anonymous   
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Posted On: 5/21/2013

Sumida Gardens

We are staying at this place from the past 4 months and would say we love this place. It is a perfect place for our family of 4 with two kids. Apartments are well maintained, common area, kids play area, pool, Gym are all well maintained. All the staff members are very friendly, especially Asst.manager Anna at the Leasing office is great and very helpful. All our service requests and inquiries are answered quickly Would highly recommend this place to live.
By: Ganesh C.   
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Posted On: 4/20/2013

Sumida Gardens

Definitely a great place to live. Nice apartments, handy laundry, kitchen. Glad I just renewed my lease! When I first leased here I asked a million questions, and they didn't mind at all! They had an answer for everything! I spoke several times with the managers before I decided to move, and they pointed me in the right direction for everything.
By: Gerrie99   
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